Recommended by Priests & Doctors

Recommended by Priests

Msgr. Schaedel

"One in Christ creatively, effectively, and pastorally addresses the most critical issues concerning marriage and family life in contemporary society."

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Fr. Keucher

"Every couple I have ever sent has sung the praises of One in Christ."

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Fr. McCarthy

"Do they know what they need to know to get married? That was the question that worried me about marriage preparation for couples in the past."

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support Roman Catholic priests in preparing engaged couples desiring to be united as husband and wife through Catholic matrimony by providing the catechesis based on Scripture, Catholic Tradition and the Church's Magisterium along with practical tools of communication and finances for a lifelong and joyful marriage that is open to life.

Fr. Nagel

"One in Christ has been a life changer for many of the couples being married in the Church! "

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Fr. Hollowell

"The One in Christ marriage program is a great gift to the Church and to couples preparing for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony."

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Catholic Medical Association (CMA)

One in Christ has a Strategic Alliance with the local Catholic Medical Guild.

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Recommended by Doctors

Dr. Casey Reising, MD

Magnificat Family Medicine, Family Practice

"I think what sets this program apart is the real-world insight and testimony of volunteer couples who share their stories."

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Dr. Maret Cline, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology of Indiana, OB/GYN

"One in Christ not only explains the theological 'why' of NFP, but also begins the scientific discussion of 'how'."

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which everyone, regardless of circumstances, will appreciate the truth, beauty and goodness of marriage and family life the way God has designed matrimony that unites a man and woman as husband and wife and any children born from their union as a cornerstone of society.

Dr. Konrad Szymanski, MPH, MD

IU Health, Urologist

...One in Christ introduces engaged couples to Natural Family Planning, a method of growing your family and deepening your marriage...

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Dr. Maria Bajuyo, MD

St. Gianna Center, Family Practice

"Together faith and reason build a coherent view of marriage and the body. One in Christ brings this truth to life beautifully in the way it teaches NFP using married couple testimonies and a medical panel."

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